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Security Grilles

Security Grille

For added security to your premises Chiswick Security can manufacture and install a wide range of bespoke security mesh grilles, bar grilles, collapsible gates, bar grille doors and London or Birmingham bars that are practical, will protect your premises from attack and look good. We can fabricate security grilles and bars to fit all of the doors and windows of your premises whilst still allowing you to retain the natural light entering the building through the glass.

Security grilles are ideal for securing and reinforcing the rear of a building and secluded areas that might be considered vulnerable; particularly out of business hours or at night.

We are able to manufacture a full range of window bar grilles and gates with round or square steel bars of various thicknesses to fit all kinds of round or square windows designs and doors. Our security grilles and gates can include features such as openings for letterboxes, emergency access, baskets, rosettes and scrolls and be pin fixed, reveal fixed, face fixed or hinge fixed. Bar grilles can also be combined with mesh in-fills and sheet steel for further reinforcement and privacy where required.

Mesh grilles can be used both inside and outside a building to protect the glass in windows, doors and skylights or to provide a cage system for protection and security. At Chiswick Security we can manufacture powder coated mesh grilles in various shapes, sizes and formats to suit your specific buildings security requirements. Security mesh grilles can also be made removable to enable easy maintenance of the glass.

Collapsible Gates have been around for years and can be found at many character properties. They are often referred to as Sliding Retractable Gates, Concertina Gates or Security Grilles and come in the form of diamond lattice and curved designs which can often add a feature to plain windows.

In stark contrast to typical old fashioned security gates, our modern ranges of collapsible security gates are very lightweight, easy to use and concertina neatly so that they can be stowed discretely out of sight. Our collapsible gates can be made to bespoke specifications, locking into each other with a secure lock and bolting system, and can be fitted as top hung or bottom rolling systems.

At Chiswick Security we also manufacture London bars and Birmingham bars which are used as a security reinforcement bar to protect entrances to premises from forced entry, which typically involves being kicked in. Essentially London and Birmingham bars are used to protect the integrity of the door, lock and frame. The London bar forms a ‘D’ shape to fit along the door frame and over a surface mounted lock, protecting the lock itself, whereas the Birmingham bar is a surface mounted flat bar that is used to strengthen the door frame

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