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We also supply and install a broad range of safes, security cabinets and deed boxes that will enable you to keep all of your cash, jewellery, important documents and valuables stowed away safely and securely whether they are at home or in commercial premises.
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Choosing which safe to purchase has many important considerations depending on the nature, size, and replacement value of the items that are being secured. At Chiswick Security we offer our customers free expert advice when choosing a safe for their premises to ensure that the safe used not only suits their specific circumstances, but gives them the added reassurance that it satisfies their insurance policy criteria. For the purpose of insurance cover it is not simply a case of choosing a safe yourself, there are technical specifications that must be adhered to. Our team can provide you with the necessary guidance to help you with this.

A choice of safes, security cabinets and deed boxes

At our Chiswick showroom we have a great choice of free standing, wall and floor safes, security cabinets and deed boxes on display, which come in various sizes, capacities and thicknesses to comply with the standards stipulated by insurance companies. Our safes can also be provided with either a key or key pad locking system. We have a number of safes in store for you to choose from and an extensive choice of products including Burton, Burg, Secure Line, Chubb, Securekey and many more.

Safe Installation Service

At Chiswick Security we are able to provide an expert installation service to ensure that the safe is properly fitted into a suitable and secure location within your premises with a minimumal amount of disruption. Please ask one of the team in store for more information and to arrange your safe installation.

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